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Creating a work environment that enables employees to thrive is one of the most important goals of a healthy organization. Workplace conflict happens across all organizations. Positive conflict should not be feared since it is productive and is a key component of organizational success.

Some of the most effective teams are ones where coworkers are safe to disagree without consequences. Encouraging dissent builds trust among employees and leads to a culture where innovation can thrive. Unhealthy or negative conflict is when the conflict becomes personal and emotional and therefore can cloud judgment.


Ignoring conflict that is becoming negative can be costly in productivity and ultimately financially. Interpersonal communication is critical to enhancing the health of an organization and intervening before it escalates into negative interpersonal conflict is critical because it can be an enormous drain on an organization.


It can be beneficial to an organization to bring in a neutral 3rd party to provide an outside perspective and help identify what is contributing to the conflict. Suzanne’s mediation skills can help management and the parties involved understand the reasons behind a workplace conflict, and can help the organization address problems before or after the conflict turns into a negative interpersonal one. Through the process Suzanne facilitates the parties to move forward in a constructive and impactful way.

Suzanne is a trained mediator and experienced in helping others navigate interpersonal conflict. Through her deep experience she uses a skillful and sensitive approach to conflict resolution, helping individuals understand their own needs and the needs of others, acknowledge their own contribution to an unproductive dynamic, and build toward a new approach. Suzanne’s work enables employees to build connections, work past their differences, and improve overall communication in the future to achieve a positive workplace environment.

Suzanne also conducts investigations with her father, The Honorable Victor J. DiNubile, Jr. (Ret.). Please click here for his bio.

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