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Climate Assessments

Workplace Climate Assessments are a valuable tool for organizations to gather information and reveal insight about their work environment. An organization's success depends on how well its employees perform and how motivated they are to sustain optimal productivity. 

The way that employees feel about their jobs, supervisors, coworkers, and the organization directly affects their productivity and morale and ultimately the ability of the organization to achieve its goals. When employees feel respected, acknowledged, engaged, motivated, and valued they perform well. If latent issues are not addressed this can lead to increased attrition and potentially the increased expense of workplace complaints, investigations and claims.

Managers typically have difficulty gathering workplace climate information about how their team members are thinking and feeling without a formal process. Most employees are reluctant to communicate anything but positive information to their supervisors and managers out of fear that their working relationship will be impaired or they will be subjected to some form of retaliation. Climate Assessments help to identify and strengthen approaches which are working well and in finding recommendations of appropriate interventions to address areas where improvement could benefit everyone and lead to increased productivity and positive morale.

Suzanne performs both targeted assessments in response to a specific issue and global assessments that obtain more general climate information and result in recommended interventions. Suzanne consults with the employer to create a plan to best address the particular workplace environment. This plan may include creating an anonymous survey, conducting in-person interviews with affected team members, reviewing climate surveys and performance evaluations, and discussing issues with the leadership team.

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