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About Suzanne DiNubile

Suzanne is dedicated to providing thorough, prompt and impartial cost-effective investigative services. The objective of each investigation is to do as much work as necessary but not to exceed what is necessary. Suzanne works closely with clients to carefully define the scope of each investigation so it is targeted to address all relevant issues and is answering the right questions. Her approach ensures that the investigation is conducted in the most sensitive and least disruptive manner. 

She considers her early years of experience as an employment litigator and with employment arbitrations, then as General Counsel of a small tech company, and following that many years working with start-up companies including on various employment-related issues and disputes, her extensive mediation experience, and her work in advocating for child safety on the Internet and to combat human trafficking, as important building blocks for her work as an independent investigator.


Suzanne has worked with technology companies since the early 1990’s. She worked for Britton, Silberman & Cervantes, one of SF’s pioneering “dot com” law firms, handling transactions for some of the earliest properties on the web. In the course of Suzanne’s work with tech companies in the last few years since the #MeToo movement started, more and more professional situations have arisen that have required the expertise of a workplace investigator. Suzanne decided to train and obtain her AWI-CH to be able to address the growing need for impartial, thorough, and efficient workplace investigations for technology companies as well as other organizations. For many years DiNubile Law Group has addressed the commercial transactional needs of small and growing enterprises, providing a broad spectrum of legal services to entrepreneurs, emerging technology companies, and innovative enterprises of all sizes. 


Suzanne has been a mediator for many years and has mediated countless disputes including workplace disputes. She completed a mediation training program with Community Boards in 2002 and began mediating for Community Boards and later for the Department of Police Accountability (formerly Office of Citizens Complaints).


Throughout her more than 20 years in private practice Suzanne has advocated on behalf of the rights of children and victims’ rights. Suzanne has been a visionary and leader in the field of online safety, privacy law and policy. She has worked with some of the country’s largest victims’ rights and child advocacy organizations. Her Internet child safety work has included a multitude of child advocacy safety issues and policy work. Suzanne successfully advocated for Megan’s Law, to mandate that sex offender registration information be made available on the Internet. Then after working with technology companies for many years she successfully advocated to prevent sexual predators from using Internet sites where minors congregate to allow the collection of Internet Identifiers from registered sex offenders.


In 2011 Suzanne helped initiate and pass Proposition 35 CASE Act (Californians Against Sexual Exploitation) with California Against Slavery and Safer California Foundation. This law made critical enhancements to California state laws to combat human trafficking and exploitation. Prop. 35 was the most successful proposition in California history and passed in November 2011 with 81.3% of the vote. Suzanne worked with legislators from 2014-2016 to address Constitutional concerns and on Sept 28, 2016, Gov. Brown signed into law SB 448. Suzanne served on Board of Directors of KlaasKids from 2004-2008.

Suzanne received her J.D. from the Penn State Dickinson School of Law and B.A. in English from The University of Pennsylvania where she graduated with honors. She lives in San Francisco with her husband and their two sons.

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