Suzanne has worked tirelessly in the field of child safety for 15 years. One of Suzanne’s passions is helping in the fight to protect children on and offline from child predators. Suzanne was a visionary in the effort to advocate for Megan’s Law (CPC 290), mandated registration and notification requirements to be available on the Internet. Suzanne believes that community notification of sexual predators is a strong deterrent to child sexual abuse.

She has been working with KlaasKids as Director of Policy for Child and Internet Safety for over 10 years. Her focus in the last few years has been advocating to prevent sexual predators from using Internet sites where minor congregate. In 2012 Suzanne helped initiate and pass Proposition 35 CASE Act (Californians Against Sexual Exploitation) with California Against Slavery and Safer California Foundation founded by Chris Kelly, former Chief Proviacy Officer of Facebook. Prop.35 was the most successful proposition in California history and passed in November 2012 81.3% of the vote. Suzanne served as a member of the KlaasKids Board of Directors from 2004-2008. She currently serves on the Board of Advisors.

With the advent of social networking, social gaming, and social enterprise, the Internet as well as the way we communicate and connect with each other has changed dramatically. Social networking has exploded, forming a new social ecosystem in which the boundaries of technology and law are being redefined. Suzanne’s focus has been to keep the Internet safe with out stifling innovation.

Suzanne believes that there is a shared responsibility for keeping children safe between parents, educators, community leaders, and online businesses especially those with a social component. Suzanne does outreach work in eSafety including seminars, speaking engagements, and consulting.



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